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Hot Tub Sales

Quality Hot Tubs

American Whirlpool are custom made hot tubs of exceptional quality. Their proprietary, energy efficient water management will keep your hot tub clear and sparkling. Ergonomic seats paired with a variety of powerful jets make for instant stress relief.

Custom Configuration

With choices such as lighting and audio systems, stunning interior colors and decorative skirts, jet configuration and cold weather packages (perfect for Tahoe winters!) we can help you create your very own hot tub oasis.

'White Glove'

When you purchase an American Whirlpool from Tahoe Diversities, you get our 'white glove' treatment which includes delivery, set up including fill and personalized instruction on the use of your hot tub. We'll even remove your old tub for you.

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American Whirlpool offers a large variety of spas for every space and budget - 21 different hot tubs! Visit our showroom or schedule a visit to your home for more details. Here is a sample of the hot tubs we offer. Visit the American Whirlpool website for a complete list.

Installation Services

There is no doubt that hot tub installation can be challenging at some locations in Tahoe. Lakefront homes or difficult terrain, we have the expertise to oversee your installation from start to finish. Our 'white glove' service brings the hot tub to your driveway. From there, we can provide installation to coordinate all the services necessary to get your hot tub installed. Arranging electricians, plumbers and crane rentals, we'll be your advocate throughout the hot tub installation process. Installation services are quoted on an individual basis.

Hot Tub Installation
Exercise Spa, Lake Tahoe

Swim Spas - Exercise Hot Tubs

Swim spas combine the lap swimming benefits of a swimming pool with the rejuvenating benefits of a spa. Powerful river jets, each driven by an independent pump, provide the perfect lift and resistance for exercise and spa jets provide exceptional relaxation. Swim spas are available in 7 different models and have the option for salt water generators and dual temperatures on the swim and spa sides. American Whirlpool exercise kits are available as an option.

With plenty of room to play and splash, it will quickly become the aquatic escape for your family. Add the optional entertainment system to create a perfect post-workout setting for relaxation.

Premium Spa, 400 800 900 Series

American Whirlpool premium models are exceptional in their therapeutic jets, ergonomic designs, seating contours, and industry-leading product design and aesthetics. Premium spas feature all steel frames, energy efficient Antartic wrap insulation, rock solid reinforced composite footbed and low maintenance cabinets, smart heater and the ultimate water management system for superior ozone injection.

Premium spas are backed by a five year warranty and come in depths of 31", 35" or 38", taller than most spas. Premium spas can also be equipped with the newly popular salt water generators.

Premium Spa, Lake Tahoe
Mid-Range Spa, Lake Tahoe

Mid-Range, 200 Series

Mid-range hot tubs combine luxorious styling and a list of standard features with a value price. Illuminated waterfalls and jet configuration are just a few of the configurable options. Mid-range spas come with a three year warranty, ozone injection and American Whirlpool quality.

Mid-range spas are well suited for family home and vacation rentals.

Classic Spa, 100 Series

If you want the quality of American Whirlpool at an affordable price, you can confidently select a Classic Hot Tub spa which comes with a two year protection on the shell's surface, plumbing, equipment and labor. Every American Whirlpool goes through the same rigorous manufacturing and quality assurance process which established American Whirlpool as a premier hot tub manufacturer.

Classic spas work especially well in smaller spaces or open configurations and have the option for 110 or 220 voltage.

Classic Spa, Lake Tahoe

Let Us Come to You

There are 21 models of American Whirlpool and each can be configured with entertainment systems, jet and pump configurations, lights and fountains. We can come to your place and help you personalize an American Whirlpool hot tub for your specific desires and location.

Tahoe Diversities services the North Lake Tahoe area including Truckee, Tahoe City, Tahoma, Kings Beach and Meeks Bay.

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